Today is a Wednesday and we are almost over hump day! I would like to update you all on what I've been up to this week as my last blog post I was talking about making cushions but never actually documented the final pieces! So here you go,

I know, you must have all been so excited to see the final product! I am rather pleased myself, these cushions can be made as a custom order or from the already made up batch of 14" suquared, non edge cushions.

All for an amazing price of £18+ depending on customisation.

I just want to draw your little eyes closer to the details so you can truely capture how adorable this cushion is, and how easily it would fit in to any decor. How cute?

Anyway, lets move on through the days to Teusday and Wednesday this week, I.E Yesterday and Today. Over these past two whole days I've been working away at making, designing and printing greetings and Christmas cards, whch is a bit of a weird feat for myself because I never know what to make in to a card, but now with over 10 designs for my first collection, I'm feeling a little bit like a pro now. My cards are made using high quality pre-folded blank white card, lovely teal blue envelopes and printed using my own fine art printer, so the process is professional as well as affordable. I don't want to release all my designs just yet so here is a sneak peak of one of my Christmas card designs, and you guessed it, the whole card set theme will be knitwear! because who doesnt love an adorable knit!?

Today has been a day of cutting, pinning, stitching and sewing these gorgeous bee cushions, I was thinking of making a scarf with the material, but decided actually, I'm going to make a cute draft excluder! Much better fabric type for cushions and draft excluders than for scarves. I also got a card delivery so I'll be posting some cards on my website ASAP! The cushions should also be up and ready to purchase ASAP as well. Happy Friday everyong

Today I recieved a large delivery of lovely and amazing fabric's. - Delivery day is such a good day!

1, chenille which is now the house favourite for cushions and scarves.

2, A new fabric to the studio, but an amazing choice - Natural Linen 228gsm. I put this fabric through its paces and tested it to try and find out what the best possible fabric for tea towels was, and this baby was the one. It washed and dried quickly and kept its brightness, plus it's washing machine safe, itactually dries dishes properly - none of this moving the water around the kitchen ware. It was the best fabric I found out of about 50. I'm so proud of it!

The two more white looking fabrics out of the 5 are the Chenille fabric's, what I use to make cushions and scarves! But Oh My aren't they all beautiful? I can't wait to start stitching!

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