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Privacy Policy

This website collects data and information from your device to let me (Hannah Cambridge) know where the amazing people who are interested in my work are from. When someone opens my website up whether it's on their phone or a PC, I am only told where in the World you are from and if you are currently on my site, I do nothing with this information other than a smile that my work is reaching all over the World.
 What happens if you leave my website but come back later on, what happens is that you are given a number, and I can see that customer #3591 came back and your whereabouts.
 Cookies and what this site does - Cookies are things that your device builds up over time, it realises that you click on certain things, say you really like Red Velvet cookies, and you click on clothes, products and other goods that all have a Red Velvet cookie quality. Usually, a website will pick up on your past likes and show you items from my site that you might like, BUT I don't have that setting on my website, so essentially nothing will come from your red velvet cookie obsession. BUT the cookies will still develop on your device itself and see that you clicked on a Hannah Cambridge Illustration Product that has a red velvet quality and builds up a further profile of you for other websites to use.
 When you order or sign up for emails - when you order a product from Hannah Cambridge Illustration, I ask for your address, name and payment details, I don't ever see or know what your payment details are, all I see is if you paid by card or Paypal, I do however see your name and address, and this is used to get your new product to you ASAP, I do not use your info anywhere else and I NEVER post anything to you without your consent.
 Email Subscriptions - I do have an option to receive email subscriptions from Hannah Cambridge Illustration, but I literally never send bulk emails, so if you want to see my latest updates, Instagram and Facebook are where that happens, not a personal email or bulk email.
 All information is kept to myself, I never hold info for longer than a year and I only keep the info for tax purposes.
 I am a one-woman band here at Hannah Cambridge Illustration, I'm the designer, textiles creator, painter, printer, social media content creator, salesgirl, packaging expert, website updater, editor, banker, contract looker-over-er, planner, coffee runner, and new businesswoman, I will do things wrong but I will never do anything to hurt, offend or annoy my very amazing supporters who purchase work and tell others about my products. There are a lot of Cons to being a one-woman business but, I can say with 100% honesty that I LOVE every minute of this struggle, and I will do all I can to make your experience as best as I can.
 If you are unhappy with this information, please email me and we can sort it all out!
Remember to swipe your cookies and cache on your own devices.

For more information, please send me an email below.

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