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About Me



Hi, I'm Hannah Cambridge!

I'm from Northern Ireland, I studied Animation at UWE, Bristol - School of Animation and got a 2:1 Hons specializing in CGI Rigging and Modelling. I found myself becoming less and less creative within that role and started to long for a more creative path.
I worked with BBC Bristol, Sharp Shotz, We Are Curious - Bristol Planitarium, Aardman & UWE itself.

After I graduated in 2016, I traveled all around England looking for jobs, running out of money, couch surfing and finally giving up the hunt for paid work as a graduate in a field dominated by men with 30 years experience in Rigging (I'm not salty I swear) And I then moved up to Caithness, Scotland in January 2017.

Moving up to the most northernly county in the whole of mainland UK was a culture shock, I was a city girl, I loved being in the city at all times, the options, the people, the constant hussle and bussle of life. I found it really hard to make connections, but after a year, alot of struggling, applying and getting in to do my masters in N.I. I met my now Fiance.

In 2018 He encouraged me to think about starting my business, but I had alot of work to do, I lost all my confidence, I hadn't been creative since I was a teen, I felt lost. But after years of re-gaining that confidence, years of figuring my art and style. I opening my online doors in 2019, just before the pandemic.

Now, I never earned a great deal, but I started! And thats all that mattered, then I slowly started to do fairs, sell here and there, and in 2022 I opened my own shop.


I stock my own art and ceramics, I'm the most creative i've ever been, every day is different, my shop sells out within hours of being open. I take on commerical illustration commissions, I've worked for companies all over the UK. All because my fiance helped me gain my confidence again, and we pushed!


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