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Local Wick Map Illustration

In 2022 I was commissioned by a local community group to illustrate our local town map for tourists to use in a few locations which would also be places on potentially 3 walls that were looking a little drab, the idea was to brighten up our town, and create a more professional and modern feel to a very small, very northernly town. This project was probably my longest standing job due to having to be approved by so many people, groups and the council itself, due to this, this project took technically 5 months but only 3 weeks altogether of designing and illustrating. There were roughly 10 changes altogether but those changes were as small as changing the colour of some of the trees, or adding a duck. Saying that, It was a great experience working with so many people devoted to creating something lovely for our town and I would love to do more work like this. Maybe with a little more of a watercolour inspired look, but I wanted to stick fairly closely to the brief given.

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