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Rock Rose Gin - Label Illustration

A local distillery asked me to illustrate a label for their Creative Collection, a limited edition gin to be the fourth and final edition to the whole collection. With a max of 1700 bottles being made this was the fastest selling bottles of the whole collection. I loved working on this project back in 2019 and it was one of the first professional briefs I had worked on, so it holds a special place in my heart. That and I recieved the first 3 bottles created so that's great too.

The Brief:
With the gin being "Jam Doughnut" flavoured I was tasked with a label that didn't only exude sumptuous delight, but with it also being an Autumnal release, the owners wanted me to also bring in a cozy atmosphere. I included a newspaper element with a news article including the 3 other beverages Rock Rose Gin distil, Vodka (Blue), Original Gin (Green) and the summer gin release (Pink) as I thought the final edition needed a little bit more celebration.

The timeframe:
It took 2 weeks altogether with corrispondance for me to paint and finish the idea, there were a few changes requested, for example, I originally painted the doughnuts in a long box, like they come in when ordered, but we decided a plate would be alot more appealing.

The Process: I painted everything seperatly, and cut them all out, I tend to do this for projects with alot of seperate elements as I like the flexibility it gives and I can arrange in person rather than wait until edited, which allows me to fill in any empty space immediately.

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