The Stacks in Caithness are, in my eyes one of the first places people go when they visit Caithness - They are an amazing sight and if you have never been - Go, and if you could manage to go during the Aurour - GoGo. I really wanted this piece to have a 'where's Wally' vibe to it, I love adding all the little busy details that each time you look at the painting you have to look just a little bit clother than last time. It's also so bright and colourful it will instantly bring a whole new light to any wall you hang it up on. Perfect for dark corners or awkward spaces. 


Stacks, Caithness 5"x7" Art card, comes with envelope.

personalisation can be added.

Stacks Art Card


    Hannah Cambridge is a freelance watercolour Illustrator interested in Packaging + Branding design, Editorial, product creation and advertising.

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