Scottish Mushroom Print


Scottish Mshrooms

Velvat Shank:
The velvet shank displays fleshy, yellow-orange caps that are convex at first, but become flatter, more irregular and undulating with age. The surface of the caps is smooth and quite slimy when wet, and they have a faintly striated margin. The gills are white to pale yellow. The stem is rich reddish-brown and quite velvety at the base.


The Prince: Can accumulate cadmium so best picked from the wild away from urban spaces and busy roads.


Fly Argaric: Amantia muscaria is one of the most recognisable fungi in the world. A recent study by European scientists, during which subjects were shown images of various mushrooms, found that respondents successfully identified the species on 96% of occasions. Common, white forms of fungi were successfully identified by only 53% of participants.


Amethyst Deceiver: Mildly nutty/mushroomy and keeps its colour when cooked so a bright addition to any meal.


Charcoal Burner: Though the species varies in colour, making identification difficult, charcoal burner has a distinctive brittle texture and in the UK never has a ring. It is its crumbly texture which gives this group of fungi the name of ‘the brittlegills’. The crumbly flesh is made up of lots of spherical cells.


Morel: The morel is an edible mushroom with a unique conical or globular-shaped cap that has a honeycomb-like appearance. Because it cannot be grown on a large commercial basis, and is usually picked from the wild, it can be very expensive.


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