Growing up, Lowry was always a major part of my artist career, he seems to be a prominent source for high school art teachers, as well as being easily understood by University students. Due to this, I've always appreciated Lowry's work. But when I moved around the corner from one of his pieces - the Black Stairs in Caithness, Wick. I fell even further in love, I now had my very own connection and moment with Lowry that I had never had before, which inspired me to paint my version. I didn't want to just copy his work, that would have been distasteful in my eyes, instead, I wanted to give a very polite little hat tip to the man himself. I decided to use a whole new angle, paint what was now in front of me, and include his little black dog and dark blue wagon, but also include my cat who can be seen walking up and down the stairs to go to the harbour for some fish shinanigans.


Hannah Cambridge has a unique artwork process that doesnt only include painting and using watercolours but she also uses layers and paper cutout as a medium. This original is carfully layered and combined to give the impression of distance and shadows. Due to this method no print will ever truely replicate the original.


Painted using Winsor & Newton watercolours on high quality Langley acid free watercolour paper.


This original comes in a light oak A3 frame including mount.

Lowry Inspired Black Stairs - Original

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