Linen Stacks Lampshade


These incredible lampshades are truely one of a kind and currently the first ever batch made of what we feel will be, very popular products. The exclusive Hannah Cambridge Illustration 100% linen fabric was designed, painted and created in to a lampshade all here in the Highlands of Scotland, only around the corner from the Stacks themselves!

Currently as this is the first ever print run of Lampshades ever tackled by Hannah Cambridge Illustration, we only have 3 in stock! each a different size so if you are intersted be sure to snatch one up.

These products are currently discounted due to being the very first ever created and we thought we woud celebrate that with £5 off each size.

Sizes available -

26cm Diameter

28cm D

30cm D


What Hannah Loves about them:
"When I first unpacked the fabric I just thought, as all designers I suppose who see their work printed on different mediums first think - Wow! I tried to see any mistakes but after, I got so inspired and excited! I could just see how amazing the lampshades would look on such an iconic fabric with such a unique design. Due to the bright nature of this design I knew instantly it would brighten up ever room and create a feature, if you want a lampshade that draws your guests in every time and makes them instantly think 'Wow, where did you get that' This is the lampshade for you."

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