Here we are for a second month! The Caithness Craft box is a lovely little kit box fitted out with everything you will need to create some magic little pieces, Difficulty ranges from easy to medium and each craft can be brought to a 'next level' for those with a little bit more expereince.

W H A T 'S    I N S I D E    T H E     B O X?


This craft box comes with everything you'll need (Minus pencils and super glue) to make 3 crafts.


The first being a gorgeous designer lemon satin scrunchie, now it is delightful and far easier than people may think! If you have a sewing machine, amazing! but if not it's probably one of the easiest hand sewing projects out there. This is due to only needing to sew one edge and to enclode to ends together, simple! of-course we wouldnt let you do these crafts alone, the box comes with a tutorial magazine but more on that later!


The second craft in the box is a lovely embroidery hoop and a watercolour pallet, this craft is open and you can create anything you want to make, whether its a painting, a embroidered piece, whatever but there is an inspiration section within the mini mag to help you decide how to tackle this craft, once finished its a delightful little wall hanging or decor piece for the home and considered one of the up and coming design elements to decor lately, with a minimulist touch.

The third craft and definetly my favourite! 3 illustrated pins, This is craft great for any kids around the house or anyone who is blown away by fun and smart crafts like this one. You'll recieve 3 shrinky dink plastic sheets, full instructions and tips on how to use them and all you do is draw whatever pin design you want, pop it in the oven for 1 minute and super glue on the pin backing, it's so cool to watch it shrink down and youd design looks amazing once it's ready! Perfect for any pin collectors or anyone who wants to expand their talents to jewellery.


M E    T I M E    G I F T

In each box I wish to mix it up and provide a new and unique gift to help you relax as you craft, this month we have been blessed with the amazing Honey Bee Aromas Soy Wax Melts, there are 4 possible scents you could receive and it's a little bit of pot luck but you could either obtain Fruit Salad, Wild Rhubard, Lemon and Lavender or Strawberry and Kiwi, and believe me when I say that they are the perfect balance or smelly, but not sickly or too powerful, I've had mine just sitting in it's provided tin container near the radiator and they work pefectly!


D O    I     N E E D    A N Y T H I N G     E L S E ?

Last month I had a few questions as to needing any other equiptment for this box and no not really! All the needles, pins, thread and embroidery floss is provided for this box, You will even get a whole pallet of watercolours in this box, the only thing I couldnt provide for safety reasons was super glue and the only other option for drawing on your pins, but I felt like that was too personal everyone has their favourite medium whether its sharpies, colouring pencils, an inky pen or just a pencil. But I think thats pretty good going all for £20



M I N I    M A G


in this box comes a mini mag, now this magazine is alot more detailed than the last booklet was, this magazine is just that, a proper mini magazine! 24 pages of tutorials, guides, templates, inspiration, other ideas, other ways to calm down after stress, and lots more. You won't be left out of the loop with a mini mag in hand.


I've decided to provide some stationery in this box as well! So not only do you get a crafty time, a smelly gift but you also get a mini print, 2 month planner and a sticker sheet for making all those plans after crafting!

R E T A I L    V A L U E

Once you make your crafts and use your gifts this box retails at £72.50, how I've come to that price is the making of the box itself and everything in it, then how much I would charge retail on each gift if I were to sell them on my website finished.
For example the scrunchie would be £10

Pins - £4.50 Each
Wall Decor - £15
Art Print - £10
Planner - £15
Sticker Sheet - £3.50

Purchased a box before? Message me for your discount code!


Caithness Craft Box

  • Due to the nature of the box, I can not give any refunds, if you find your box has some missing elements please let me know within 5 days of deliervery and I will get the missing part sent out to you for free, but othe than that. no refunds.

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