Welcome to the grand opening of the first ever Caithness Craft Box! We are delighted to provide a first ever DIY facemask kit for you to hand stitch or sew from the comfort of your home to the exact measurements needed - None of this " Will it fit me " Is going on here!

What's Inside?

That's simple - Everything you will need except for an iron and a tape measure/ruler Which we thought popping an iron in the box would probably go against some health and safety rule anyway.. But seriously, here is the full list.

x1 Fully Illustrated step-by-step guide to make this expereince as easy as it could be, no confusing language, no pausing a video every 1.2 seconds, just go at your own pace, with pictures for reference and simple broken down steps.

x1 Warm up craft! If this is your first time sewing or stitching this craft is a good warm up and also great for any older children interested in textiles! The warmer tutorial is how to hand stitch your very own mushroom pin cushion, everything from the stuffing floof to the hand stitching needles and thread + a little extra for personalising.

x1 Template sheet indicating multiple size guides - just cut what you measure closest to and begin - If you would like to follow another template or your own, there is measureing help in the guide.

x1 "I've got pins and needles" box - this little box includes and keeps together all those little extra bits that make life easier;

x4 elastic ear ties - pre-cut

x10 clips

x10 pins 

x3 hand stitching needles - different sizes

x2 coloured embroidery floss for personalising

x1 handfull of floof for stuffing your pin cushion


And lets not skip on the snacks! x1 bag of sweeties supplied by another great Wick based business "Sweet Satisfaction"


x2 Spools of thread for sewing/stitching - x1 White and x1 Navy to match your fabric


And the true show stopper of this box - Scottish Jungle repeat pattern! I designed this fabric with the intensions of bringing Scotland, history and trends together - As the jungle theme grew I wanted to design something that was inspired by the jungle but was also seriously Scottish, And this pattern arose, including a Scottish Lynx, Capercaillie and all the foliage I could think of!
100% Woven Cotton


Child Safe fabric

Wash on a delicate machine cycle at 30 °C / 85F. Delicate tumble cycle on a low heat. Iron on a medium heat using steam, ironing print side down for best results. Do not bleach. Do not wring. Shrinkage estimated 3-5%. Washing instructions are provided as guidelines only and are subject to your own testing.


X1 sheet of 100% cotton white backing fabric - This fabric is super soft, but if you feel it may be too thick - an old bedsheet or white shirt would do the trick to back your mask!

So there you go, everything you'll need to get you started! And only 7 boxes available so get yours ordered today!


If you are a huge fan of these craft box ideas let me know! the more feedback the more I can design, drop and deliver!

Shipping around Caithness is £4
Shipping within the UK is £6

Pick-Up is free
If you are outside of the UK please let me know and we can sort something out!
Please allow 5-7 Business days.

Due to this being a DIY box the box can not be returned, if your box has missing pieces please let me know ASAP


Caithness Craft Box


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