Fine Art Limited Edition Signed Print by Hannah Cambridge.


The Backlass Project is the inspiration for everything Hannah has painted, The Backlass Project is a personal project where she studies and documents everything she can in a very paticular area of Caithness, Scotland. The area is important to her because it is where her parents live, but it also has historical influences, as well as being a protected area.

Hannah's mother has chickens, and I'm sure that all chicken owners would know where this story is going, one day, in late July, Hannah's mum and herself were in the garden, when all of a sudden, a flock of chickens all running with their wings open, looking like children pretending to be airplanes, run past. One of the flock found Blackcurrants and couldnt keep a secret. Hannah and her mum followed to see the action, after climbing an old fence, and almost falling down a small hill, we found the HQ of the blackcurrant bushes, and very happy chickens tucking in.

This lovely print comes un-mounted.
It is limited to 250 overall Prints.


  • Printed to Fine Art Guild quality
  • luxury watercolour paper
  • Limited edition print
  • UV resistant
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