What's Inside The July Craft Box

Scotland is a vast, amazing place filled to the brim with culture, history and beautiful creatures, whether they are fantasy, historical or living on our fields. The July craft box features our historical and rare animals, the Lynx and Capercaillie. Both rich with Scottish culture, This 100% cotton design is limited to the July craft box only.

Included in the box is everything you will need to hand stitch or sew your very own, Scottish Highland designer facemask, and if you are a lover of sweeties, grab your July Craft Box Here.

1, The Fabric - Within the box you will recieve roughly 210 x 297mm of 100% cotton designer printed fabric and 100% cotton white backing fabric, this is enough fabric to make 2 small masks or 1 medium to large mask.

The design was inspired by the 'Jungle theme' designs Hannah kept seeing in magazines, online and on products. She was dubious about copying the theme without changing major aspects, all the jungle themed designs she saw seemed to be of the same leopard, flowers and leaves. So, as an Illustrator who is very excited by her Scottish surroundings, Hannah wanted to encorperate this idea. And now you see, this beautiful, woven fabric with rich colours and saturdated blues. Perfect for any designer facemask.

2, The Guides - For first time sewers, old time stitchers and maybe just a few step-be-step lovers, this guide is a simple to follow, illustrated tutorial for making a mask without all the jargon. It includes, tips, tricks and links to help you on your way while also being clear and infomative. Helpful for all levels and even includes a warm up tutorial - How to make a pin cushion using designer chenille Scottish mushroom fabric! Perfect for any older children interested in helping out, or anyone a little scared of starting the mask. 3, The Warm Up - As talked about above the warm up tutorial is a quick and easy, hand sewing based craft that allows you to become a little more confident in making your mask. The mushrooms are random but each design in printed on Chenille fabric, and the box includes everything from stuffing fluff, to the needles and thread. perfect for kicking your feet up, and starting your crafty project.

4, The Me-Time Helper - It's hard to get some me-time, just to kick your feet up, do what you always manage to put off even though you enjoy the activity and watch the telly, listen to music or maybe just sit in some lovely silence. In every box there will always be a little helper, in the July box a packet of sweeties is exactly what the doctor ordered. Supplied by another young, new Wick based business - Sweet Satisfaction.

5, The Little Box of Everything - Finally, the little box of everything is exactly what it says on the screen, inside your box you will recieve a smaller box and inside that, is everything from needles, pins, clips, ear elastics and stuffing fluff, not to mention you will also recieve 2 spools of thread, 1 navy and 1 white, without this little box, your craft project wouldn't be much use. And there you have it! Everything you will need to create your very own facemask for just £20! Grab your box today! interested in what others had to say about their boxes? Let's have a look.

A list of Everything: x10 fabric clips, x10 pins, x2 sewing needles, x4 elastic ear ties, x2 random coloured embroidery thread, x1 step by step guide, x1 mushroom leaflet, x2 mushroom fabrics, x2 spools of white and navy thread, x1 Scottish jungle fabric sheet, x1 White cotton fabric sheet, x1 basic mask template.

Reviews -

Charlotte: Such a bargin! I can never finish a craft project ever, I always start and either get bored or something comes up but I sat at my kitchen table from 8:30am on a Saturday Morning until 3pm, I had no clue where the time had gone but it was amazing! All I have to say was I needed to read over the booklet once or twice before fully understanding it, but I'm not sure whether that was me. Anyway, great project, I don't own a sewing machine but that was no problem.

Trudi: Loved it, was a lovely little surprise. I knew what was inside the box but for some reason I never realised the amount I was getting in the box until I opened it, would love to join a subscription service with a monthly craft box if that's on the books.

Julie: What an Idea! I havent seen anything like this on the market before and when I saw that promo video, I just had to get one. Very smart and to a high standard, well done Hannah.

Promo video? What Promo video? I hear you ask. Why this one. Sound on if you love to hear Scottish men.

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