Printed Fabric Delivery!

Today I recieved a large delivery of lovely and amazing fabric's. - Delivery day is such a good day!

1, chenille which is now the house favourite for cushions and scarves.

2, A new fabric to the studio, but an amazing choice - Natural Linen 228gsm. I put this fabric through its paces and tested it to try and find out what the best possible fabric for tea towels was, and this baby was the one. It washed and dried quickly and kept its brightness, plus it's washing machine safe, itactually dries dishes properly - none of this moving the water around the kitchen ware. It was the best fabric I found out of about 50. I'm so proud of it!

The two more white looking fabrics out of the 5 are the Chenille fabric's, what I use to make cushions and scarves! But Oh My aren't they all beautiful? I can't wait to start stitching!

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