When Life Gives you lemons, turn it in to a sweet shop.

As an Illustrator, I paint what I want when I can (given I have no commissions) and sometimes that works for both me, and my clients. A client of mine saw work I had developed from a little lemon painting, in to a pattern, craft box and in to pins and stationery, then they thought as a lemon realated business, they had to commission me for their logo design. The process was pretty simple, they gave me a general colour scheme, and as they loved my original lemon design, they just wanted to me digitise it.

Project timeline; 2 weeks

1 logo & packaging design for hand made fresh sweets.

Hannah Cambridge is a freelance watercolour Illustrator interested in Packaging + Branding design, Editorial, product creation and advertising.

Please feel free to have a wander around our virtual shop, or hop along to Hannah's portfolio.

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Hannah Cambridge

Artist, Illustrator, Shop curator, product maker, All round top Gal.

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Paperwork and email man, packaging assistant, the face of retail/trade shows, the meltdown slayer.

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