Wildlife is an amazing inspiration for myself, every time I walk out the front door there is something new to be found, things you may not have ever known existed until it's right in front of you, 100% natural, recyclable, biodegradle, resistant, pure, unaware and living. The leaves you see falling are all finger prints to the tree they came from, animals with agenda's and plans to keep alive and safe, flowers that sense and listen, (yes, flowers have now been found to have an ability to 'hear' the buzzings of bee's passing by) I think there is nothing more intersting than learning about our natural World and the wildlife that surrounds us. We live in their World, the best we can do is  recognise how amazing our surrounds are and try to help. This is the reason why I'm also a RSPB volunteer.

I would really like to Blog and Vlog my expereinces volunteering, painting and creating products that you love so why not have a gander at what's on offer below. If you love my wildlife paintings you can also purchase Wildlife related products below.

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