Flowers, they never get the credit they deserve, because of the partnership that they and Bees have together, we are alive! They grow edible fruit, sometimes harmful leaves, they have their own ways to defend themselves, they can hear, thats right! We have now discovered that some flowers can actually sense when a Bee is buzzing by and they esentially, pucker up and wait for the natural gift that is Pollination due to their seeds being transfered via the Bee, so whats even more amazing to me is that they know that Bees aid them in making babies. Because of this the World is a living creature in its own right. Crazy. I love our wildlife and nature ad I try really hard to bring awareness to the flowers we have on our own doorsteps, I paint, vlog/blog and volunteer with the RSPB, who don't only protect our native birds but also preserve our flowers and create the best possible habitates for them to thrive. If you are interested in Volunteering, do a little research for your local area's and just do it!

For floral products and information about every flower I've ever painted or set my eyes on, please follow below, if you would like to have a chat with me over our amazing plants, pop me a message on the speach bubble to the left there, I'm always happy to talk shop.

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