Caithness, Scotland Based

Illustrator and Designer

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Hannah Cambridge Illustration

Hannah is most inspired by old nature studies and recipe books, especially natural herb remedies, wines and balm recipes.

Since Graduation in 2016 Hannah has always dreamed of being a self-employed Freelance Illustrator and Designer, to sell her work and develop her brand, 3 years on and she has finally decided that now is the time! Less than a year open and she is 'The proudest of my work I've ever been, I've finally found my style, niche and passion, my next goal is to be recognised in shops around the UK and maybe even be featured in my brand inspiration - The Country Living Magazine. Oh, how I would love that!"

If you would like to know more about Hannah, please send her an email and ask, there are no silly questions!

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Hannah Cambridge Illustration, Scotland, 07936591658
Address: 57 Argyle Square, Wick, Highlands, KW1 5AJ