A quick thanks for hopping along to my website and giving me a chance to either sway your fancy on my shop or to a potential job, It means alot over here in Caithness, Scotland. I think as an 'About me' It's probably best to work backwards.

If you don't know where Caithness is, it's right here in the UK >

Don't worry though, my internet connection is top of the range!

I've lived here since 2017, I moved to Caithness after a year of being a struggling Animation graduate from 2016 living between London and Bristol - It was hard, and probabaly the most draining year of my life. During this time I grew so much distain for CGI, anatomical rigging and coding. I just wanted to leave the city and have some time to figure myself out. So thats when my parents suggested moving to this new place. The Highland's Highland. 

From 2017 I painted again, I had been so digital for so long at uni I essentially had to teach myself how to draw, colour and paint all over again, I developed my style, grew confident in my work and now after a year as a trading online shop, business and freelancer I can finally say with true confidence that I'm going in the "right-for-me", direction.

I've accomplished so much already and I intend to acomplish alot more while sitting right here, in the most northernly town of UK mainland. In my town house studio, looking out at the harbour with frequent Orca and dolphins, and ofcourse, my two cats and partner. 



University of West England, Bristol School of Animation

BA (hons) Animation (Specialising in Rigging, Modelling and coding)

Lisburn SERC
A-Levels (Specialising in Photography, Ceramics, Graphic Design and Illustration)

A, A, A


Laurelhill Community College

GCSE Level

12 Passes including English, maths and ICT

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2020 - Scotland Trade fair x2 - gaining a further 7 stockists all around Scotland.

2019 - Scotland Trade fair - my first ever trade fair! I gained my first 4 stockists ever all around Scotand.

2018/2019 - I started going to craft fairs and retail shows, my business officially started.

2016 - worked in various graphic design and Animation studios as a runner and assistant - The purple frog, A large evil Corp.

2015 - Royal Academy of Music Collaboration - Animation/Music exhibition screened in Bristol dome & Camden town, London.

2014 - Sharp Shots Animation Director - Competiton winner, Screened in BBC Bristol

2013 - Ceramic throw down - Lisburn college competition - Winner - Raised enough money to bring my class on a trip to Ireland.

Hannah Cambridge is a freelance watercolour Illustrator interested in Packaging + Branding design, Editorial, product creation and advertising.

Please feel free to have a wander around our virtual shop, or hop along to Hannah's portfolio.

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Hannah Cambridge

Artist, Illustrator, Shop curator, product maker, All round top Gal.

Chris Boxall

Paperwork and email man, packaging assistant, the face of retail/trade shows, the meltdown slayer.

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